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How does Auto top-up work?

Auto top-up is a method of payment, which enables the realization of cyclical top-ups based on a credit card that has been added to the Viking’s account. All you need to do is add your credit card in the „My account” > „Viking Payments” bookmark and activate the payment method for the chosen numbers, and the top-up will be done automatically on the last day of the packages validity period from the last top-up (it will be done between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.).

In case the transaction is unsuccessful, after 4 hours there will be an top-up another attempt. If the second attempt will also be unsuccessful, auto top-up will be disabled. You will be informed via SMS about the unsuccessful top-up attempts.

Please keep in mind that the activation of this method, without its configuration for the SIM card, will not successfully enable auto top-up. If you have several SIM cards, individual configuration, of auto top-up, is required for each of them.

When configuring the auto top-up for a specific number it is required to indicate what offer type you want to use, as well as when the first top-up will be done with this method.

Top-up made with other payment methods will not disable or postpone the date of the auto top-up with a chosen offer.

If you want to change the offer, that is bound to the auto top-up of your number, you have to disable it and configure it again.

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