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How to Top-up the number using MATCH offer?

There are few ways to top-up your account while using MATCH:

  • Activate Auto Top-Up - your number will be topped up once a month automatically on the last day of the offer validity. That’s the best way to get as much as possible for what you pay for and be sure that your data accumulation will work. You can activate Auto Top-Up here or in the Viking App.

  • through Viking App on your phone: use Mastercard/Visa debit card, Dotpay quick transfer or Viking Points

  • after logging to your Viking Account on - tap the “Top-Up Account” button in the upper right corner and pick the number you want to top up. You can pick one of following payment methods:

  • - Money Transfer - you will be forwarded to your bank webpage. Pick the bank, fill up the login data and perform the money transfer online.

- With Viking Points.

You can also top-up your Additional services balance with the amount of your choice from 5 PLN to 300 PLN. This money you can use for services according to the Price Plan. Your Additional services balance will be valid as long as your number is active, but this kind of top-up doesn’t prolong the validity of the number itself.

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