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Mobile Vikings
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Who are we and where are we heading?

They call us "Viking Mobile" or "that network that adopted a she-wolf." It's all true. We do telecom our way. How? Well, we swim against the current.

Mobile Vikings vs. the rest of the world

Freedom from contracts and tricky clauses
Long-term commitments and contractual pitfalls
Convenience with the Viking App
Trips to salons, clogged hotlines
Human Help Desk - because it's you, not bots!
Bots, call centers, scripted conversations
Unique initiatives from Vikings for Vikings
Mass campaigns with celebrities
Free accumulation and sharing of GB
Not many possess it, but we pioneered it anyway
Exchange GB for charitable actions
Someone out there converts unused gigabytes into planting trees (respect!)

Whence did we set sail?

- 05
Mobile Vikings
Whence did we set sail?
Discover how to join the crew
Joining the Crew!
Navigated by:
Frank Bekkers and Magda Piksa
We won't deceive you by claiming to be the cheapest or the largest mobile network.
Instead, we pride ourselves on being the one that cares the most about its people!
Here are some numbers for those who enjoy them:
+100 000
Vikings on board
years, our most loyal Viking has been with us
years on average for active Vikings
Vikings participate in our referral program
Vikings gladly recommend us to their friends
11 000
masztów i zasięg sieci Play
Our mission
We call our users 'Vikings.' Because you're one of us, and #EverythingForTheCrew! You influence our direction. We'll seek your opinion, listen, and engage you in various initiatives. Here, you're the Captain!
My dream was to create a network where users feel like a part of a community.
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What do the Vikings think?

Discover how we collect feedback
on Mobile Vikings services.
Viking Jakub from Środa Wlkp.
Being a Viking fills me with such pride that even a beard grows on my beard. Thank you for being here! Skål!
Viking Krzysztof from Bydgoszcz
No one calls me: it tops up automatically, and the internet accumulates. It's just awesome!
ViQueen Aleksandra from Warsaw
I love you for charitable actions, the store for gigabytes, and a positive, non-corporate approach :)
Viking Bogdan from Poniatowa
I pay only 25 PLN a month for calls and 30 GB of internet, which accumulates. Autorecharge is great, I don't have to remember!
Viking Sebastian from Warsaw
There are never any unsolvable issues, problems vanish like after a strike of Thor's hammer.
Viking Grzegorz from Krakow
Simple and transparent offer, very attractive prices. No unnecessary options that complicate the offer.
ViQueen Kamila from Pruszków
I've moved as many family and friends to you as possible :) It's great, and let's keep sailing!
Viking Maciej from Łódź
Competitive price, great conditions, GB accumulation, transparency of the offer. You treat me like a human, and you're humane yourselves, without unnecessary formalities.
ViQueen Agnieszka from Warsaw
Clear and unpretentious communication, very quick response to emails.

Viking's Gear

Contract-free offers
Why carry the weight when you can travel light? That's the Viking way. No excess baggage, straightforward, yet always modern. Accumulate gigabytes, activate automatic payments, and enjoy discounts for recommendations.

What do Vikings choose?


Perfect Match

Mobile Internet

Ask about anything!

We love chatting with Vikings. Seriously. And not just about offers.
Call: +48 732 007 007
Chat with us
More about Mobile Vikings

Virtual mobile operator - what does it mean?

There are structural, large mobile networks. In Poland, there are 4: the green, pink, purple, and orange ones. These are giants. They have their own infrastructure, as befits the largest mobile operators. There are also virtual networks (MVNO - mobile network operator). These are usually smaller, budget-friendly mobile networks. They use the transmitters of the major operators. But smaller and cheaper doesn't mean worse at all!

As it happens, Mobile Vikings is one of the first virtual mobile operators in Poland, and today, the largest in this group. We don't deal with building and maintaining network infrastructure, so we have more time to develop our offer and cater to the Vikings. That's called freedom and independence! See what else an MVNO operator can offer.

We've been shaking up the telecom market since 2013. Currently, we are the largest virtual mobile network (and we're proud of it). The internet is, after all, the natural environment of a modern Viking.

Virtual = convenient. If you want to join the Viking network, you can handle everything 100% online - virtually or with the help of our Help Desk. No trips to salons. The only place you'll need to visit is the comfort of your home :). Your control is the Viking App mobile application. But if you feel like handling something in person, dock at our headquarters in Wroclaw. Just let us know in advance so we can welcome you properly.

Which network does Mobile Vikings use?

Our infrastructural partner for years has been the Play network. The maximum data transfer speed is 300 mbit/s - download, 20 mbit/s - upload. Currently, we have over 11,000 transmitting stations.

If needed, we can switch you for free to the Orange network. We connect to it through national roaming, and the maximum speed is 3 mbit/s.

In every offer we also have the coverage of the 5G network and the eSIM card. This means you can exchange a physical SIM card for a virtual eSIM. But more about it here: eSIM card in Mobile Vikings.

What sets Mobile Vikings apart from other mobile networks?

By the hammer of Thor! There are plenty of differences. Our slogan says it all: a network of people, not numbers. The human touch is evident in our Viking service, transparent offers without tricks, and the introduction of new features (such as sharing gigabytes, access to the 5G network, and eSIM cards in the Subscription offer). We might not be the cheapest mobile networkfor the first month at 50% off. Then you can decide whether to stay or set sail back to your home port.

As an alternative operator, we do mobile telephony our own way. We say no to celebrities. Instead, we gladly collaborate with our users or smaller influencers, like Michał Pisarski Tech, who is also a Viking. For instance, to celebrate surpassing 100,000 Mobile Vikings users, we gave a voice to the Vikings. Their message was displayed on billboards across Poland. Recently, our community organized a charity action, exchanging a whopping 40,000 accumulated gigabytes to support lonely seniors. We're bursting with pride that together we're creating a cohesive network of people, not numbers!

Why should you transfer your number to the Viking network?

To feel like a human, not a number! No contracts, binding subscriptions, or desperate loyalty programs. Have a simple and best prepaid offer at a reasonable price, not for millions of coins. Enjoy a stable coverage of the Play mobile network while benefiting from the independence of a virtual mobile operator. Transferring your number to Mobile Vikings comes with a plethora of benefits!

What else can you experience on the Viking ship? Accumulate gigabytes, share them with other users, exchange them for limited gadgets from the Viking Store, and contribute to supporting charitable actions within the Rescue Boats initiative.

See the difference between customer service and Viking service. It's cool to handle everything online or quickly through the Help Desk, which will go to great lengths to take care of its own.

And you can even get a phone for free! How is that possible, you ask? That's where the Mobile Vikings referral program comes in. Friends will be grateful that you recommend what's good, and you'll get a powerful discount for recommending your favorite mobile operator. Such things can only happen in the era of... mobile Vikings! Oh, yes: recommend the best mobile network to a friend.

On the deck of the Mobile Vikings network, you'll feel what freedom is. Want to jump overboard? No problem. We adhere to the principle that you're a Viking because you want to be, not because you're bound by a contract.

How to transfer your number to Mobile Vikings?

It's as easy as pie! You can have a subscription, a mix, or switch from another mobile network to a prepaid card. Choose the offer - the modern Subscription or the Match on a card. Fill out a short form online or call the Help Desk. Just provide a few essential details, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll take you away from the clutches of your old mobile operator; you don't even have to talk to them. And you'll receive the SIM card for free right at your doorstep. Learn more here: How to transfer your number?