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Mobile Internet

Reach beyond the cables!

Wherever, whenever and however you want – data packages are at your fingertips.

Change packages as you go

Whenever you want, without contracts

Connect quickly

LTE up to 300 Mb/s and MIMO 4x4

At home and during travel

99% of Poles are already covered by the Play network

Everything in the app

Control how many GBs you have used and renew packages

Leave the cable at home,
take benefits with you

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You still don’t know what to choose?
Let’s talk about it! Our HelpDesk will help you choose the optimal package for you. And in the process maybe recommend a TV series worth your time and transfer.
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Choose any mobile Internet package without a contract

And if it’s without a contract, you can freely change the amount of transfer you want each month. You know best when you’ll need wireless Internet in bigger quantities, and when you plan to mostly enjoy the nature, rather than the screen of your computer or phone.

You use the prepaid mobile Internet as you wish. With an LTE modem for remote work, as an alternative for a fixed connection in a router or phone, to make a hotspot for your friends.

Enjoy the freedom of fast prepaid Internet

The gigabyte-rich mobile Internet with no contract (with speed on par with a WiFi connection) lets you do what you want, wherever you are: work or learn from home, watch movies in high quality or play online.