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Roaming in Mobile Vikings

Stay in touch and with the net abroad with no hussle.

Want to give a call to Poland while on holiday? Wish to browse the internet  overseas? That's precisely what  Mobile Vikings roaming is here for.

EU data packages

On tour in Europe? Activate EU Data Package and enjoy access to the internet abroad for 30 days.

Data amount Expires Amount
1 GB 30 days 12 zł
2 GB 30 days 24 zł
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Smart Roaming

Pay only for what you've used.
All around the world. With no package validity.

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Direction calling Videochat Texts MMS Data
Outgoing calls zł/min
Outgoing calls with WiFi calling 0 zł/min 0 zł 0 zł 0 zł 0 zł/MB
Incoming calls zł/min -
Incoming calls with WiFi calling 0 zł/min 0 zł 0 zł 0 zł -

WiFi Calling

Call your friends and send texts to Poland for free while connected to nearby WiFi networks.

In some countries, in order to fully use our services, you need to activate the Cheap Roaming service.
Details about cheap roaming can be found here..

Check the list of devices eligible for WiFi Calling to see if you can use this feature on your phone.


International calling

Call and text other countries using funds from Additional services balance.

Within the euro zone the charge for the first 30 seconds of a call is equal to the half price of one minute connection. After that it is to be counted per second. Outside the euro zone you'll be charged for everyw 30‑seconds of a call.

Check out the price

Direction calling Texts MMS
Euro zone 1 zł/min 0,31 zł 3 zł
Zone 1 2 zł/min 0,50 zł 3 zł
Rest of the world 4 zł/min 0,50 zł 3 zł
Satellite networks 10 zł/min 0,50 zł 3 zł

Got any questions?

Want to know more? Here are some answers to the questions you might have before you travel.

What is Smart Roaming?

Smart Roaming allows you to use the services abroad. You will be charged on the base of your current usage.

Charge for calls, texts and data usage is subtracted according to the pricelist from the Additional services balance you can add funds to. To ensure you will always stay connected outside of Poland, activate Auto Refill to automatically add funds to the balance once it goes below the set threshold. This way the service will be available to you in every situation.
You can use Smart Roaming around the world, also outside of the European Union. Your funds on the Additional services balance will stay valid as long as your number is active.

How does Auto Refill work?

Auto Refill provides continuity of service, securing your Additional services balance from deplating and making sure you will not be left with no internet access abroad.

To configure the Auto Refill, turn it on in the Roaming section in Viking App and set the threshold and amount of Auto Refill. Once the balance goes below the set threshold, funds will be automatically added from your payment card.

Are the EU roaming packages available in the UK?

No. After leaving the European Union, Great Britan along with Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland and Greenland belong to roaming 1a Zone. EU data packages do not provide internet access in the UK, nor in any other country listed above.

You can still use the service in 1a Zone with Smart Roaming, using funds from your Additional services balance. In addition, if your phone is on the list of devices supporting WiFi Calling, you can make calls to Poland for free while being connected to the WiFi anywhere, all around the world.

Do I have to pay to call a Polish number that is in another country?

No. When you stay in Poland the calls made to Polish numbers are billed as domestic call, no matter where the receiver is. As such, these calls are free within offers with unlimited calls/text/mms and you won't pay a single penny.

How much cost a call with a foreign number?

International calls are billed according to the special pricelist and depend on the place you call to.

To make the international call you need to have funds on the Additional services balance. You will be charged for the call from these funds.

How to turn on roaming?

Activating the roaming on the phone varies between the phone models. Nonetheless it is usually similar for most of the devices.

1. Go to Settings
2. Find a section called Mobile Networks, Calls or Network
3. Turn on Data roaming

While configuring the roaming you need to turn on the option Automatically select network in the Mobile networks section. This way your phone will connect with the network best optimized to connect with us.