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Frequently asked questions
  • The NO LIMIT offer is activated after a maximum of 24 hours from the moment of your top-up. You will receive a confirmation TEXT from 234. The top-up amount is at first shown as your calling credit, only after this amount is used for offer activation. In case of using this calling credit before offer activation, the activation of the offer may not be possible.

  • Please pay attention to the following points:

    • If you have a prepaid number, it has to be registered with your current operator to be able to do a number transfer. To do this, you should contact your current operator.
    • Be aware that it is possible that you have to pay a fine. This depends on the type of contract and when you’d like to do the number transfer.
    • Your phone number still has to be active on the Polish network at the moment of the number transfer. Never end your contract on your own by sending a registered letter to your operator. By doing so, there is a risk that your number will be disconnected from the Polish network. In that case, it won’t be possible anymore to transfer your number;
    • Make sure you are in Poland at the moment of the number transfer. A transfer can go wrong or be delayed if you aren’t on the Polish network.

  • Your SIM card is sent to you within 24 working hours from the moment of your order and payment confirmation.

    We ship SIMs by standard letter, that should reach you within 5 working days. In case of ordering a priority shipment for an additional fee, the letter should reach you within 3 working days. Please contact us in case your SIM does not reach you in these periods of time.