No contract, for comfort-loving: Offer Chill ON
  • NO LIMIT calls, SMS & MMS,
  • automatic payments,
  • smart wallet,
  • 10 PLN on start,

25 PLN / month

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#ZADARMO | Get your friends on board

The more you recommend, the less you pay

How about free use of the offer? Only here!

Nothing simpler than that! Every friend you invite to Mobile Vikings guarantees you a 10% discount on your top-up. With a fifth on board, you'll be on board for FREE!

50% of the crew in our network are Vikings by recommendation, and 99% of people who once put on a helmet and went to Mobile Vikings - never took it off! This is the highest loyalty rate for prepaid cards in Europe!


Choose the best plan for your needs

  • calls NO LIMIT,
  • smart wallet,
  • 10 PLN on start,

25 PLN / month

I take this
  • calls NO LIMIT,
  • data accumulation,

25 PLN / month

I take that
Frequently asked questions
  • Chill ON is a subscription based offer. Thanks to credit card connected with the account, the offer renews itself automatically every 31 days. Within the offer you will get unlimited calls, sms and mms in Poland as well as 20 GB to surf the Internet - everything for 25 zł. You will also get 10 zł for start to use for Premium services and roaming according to the price list.

    Smart Wallet will help to you to keep track of your spendings and will automatically top-up your account if the credit fall below the level set by you.

  • Monthly cost of Chill ON subscription is 25 zł. All of the charges will be deducted automatically from connected credit card every 31 days up front.

  • Smart Wallet is a service of automatic refill of the credit on your account, when it falls below the level set by you. The credit can be used for paid services like roaming or Premium services. In example, if the credit gets lower than 5 zł, it automatically transfers 10 zł from the connected credit card. If the limit of automatic refill is reached, you can still top-up your account with custom amount top-up (5 zł - 300 zł). Smart Wallet is not activate by default, as we believe it's your choice to use it. You can simply turn it on using your Viking Account.

  • Subscription is a substantial part of the Chill ON offer. If you turn it off, your number will stay active for 90 days, starting from the subcription expire date. During this time, you can still use the credit from your wallet and come back to the Chill ON zone. If you don't, your number will expire unless you change the operator. Don't do this :(

  • Well, you invite new people to us and we give you 10% discount for each one of them. When you reach 5 new Vikings in your crew, we will grant your wish and you will have it #ForFree. Forever. All the way.
    1. Each of your crew members needs to top-up for minimum 25zł every 31 days.
    2. You get a discount for as long, as your crew top-ups.
    3. You need to have auto top-up on.
    4. That’s all folks. More details available in Terms and Conditions.