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Think outside the box.

It is not a pre-paid or contract phone.
Discover a new dimension.

New dimension of communication

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in Poland & while roaming in the UE

New dimension of connectivity

Range of 11 000 Play transmitters, access to 5G technology

New dimension of GB

Accumulate, transfer, donate or exchange in the Viking Store

It refreshes itself every 31 days

It refreshes itself every 31 days

Discover a new dimension of communication

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An offer that’s neither pay-as-you-go nor a subscription

That’s right! You can step outside the box and discover another dimension of communication. Reap all the benefits of a pay-as-you-go phone with no contract and a subscription combined. But don’t mind their flaws. Our subscription will not have them.

So what do you get? A phone SIM card with Internet connection. You choose a GB package according to your needs. But you don’t have to sign any contracts and can change your package at any time. Or take your helmet off... But we hope that it won’t even cross your mind.