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Vikings! Our phone line is turned off on May 19th (Sunday). If you want to talk, feel free to contact us tomorrow. All the time you can write:

Build your team

Become the Captain! Show your closest ones that you really care and invite them to join the Mobile Vikings crew - a network of people, not numbers. Together, let's fight for freedom from contracts, loopholes and bots! Let’s lock horns with the big networks.
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  • It feels good to care about your people (sharing is caring!)
  • Become an Ambassador of Trusted Services.
  • Get onboard with your Vikings crew for cheaper or for free.
  • Your crew hangs out with an alternative operator.
  • You share accumulated gigabytes (from 5 up to even 50 GB) with any chosen Vikings!


  • Join a network of people, not numbers. Feel the difference!
  • Forget about all the paperwork. Contracts, loopholes, commitments are all in the past.
  • Set sail with human support. Say farewell to call centres and bots!
  • You hang out with an alternative operator.
  • Receive extra gigabytes from the Captain (from 5 up to even 50 GB)!

What’s the Mobile Vikings Tell a Friend Programme?

Invite your friends onboard Mobile Vikings. Before that turn on auto top-up.
Viking topped up offer? Get a 10% discount from their top-ups (available for all packages)! With each new Viking.
Once there are 5 active Vikings in your crew, being the Captain, you get a free plan. Sail free of charge!

How do you collect discounts?

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See all the good things we are doing for our crew


Lifeboats - doing good together

Annual Viking fundraisers. Exchange accumulated GB packages to support local organisations.

Your texts on billboards

The campaign that gives voice to the Vikings After all, we are here to carry your message.

Share GB with your friends

Vikings wanted to be able to share their GB plans with their friends. What do we say? We’ve got you covered!


100 000
Vikings onboard

10 years
on the market
11 000
cell sites and Play network reception

What do other Vikings think about our Tell a Friend Programme?


7 out of 10 Vikings join us through their friends

Caring about your crew is a must at Mobile Vikings!

Want to know more?

What are the benefits of the Mobile Vikings Tell a Friend Programme?

Caring about our loved ones runs in our genes! So, we share what’s good and trusted. Mobile Vikings Tell a Friend Programme is plain sailing. Invite your friends onboard, to a humane mobile operator. Your fellow Vikings gain access to eSIM card and 5G technology, free calls to all networks, GB accumulation (depending on the package), a friendly Perfekt Help Desk, freedom from contracts, loopholes, commitments and much more. In other words, they join the light side of the Force!

Being the Captain of the crew, you not only get discounts on all plans, but also, in best case scenario, go completely free of charge and most importantly, share the good. And that’s something you don’t forget!

The more active users out there, the more benefits you get. And with five loyal crewmates, you get a free Mobile Vikings plan, regardless of the offer: prepaid, subscription or mobile internet. That’s a win-win situation!

Why was the Mobile Vikings Tell a Friend Programme created?

The Mobile Vikings Tell a Friend Programme was also created to join forces and show that you and your loved ones don’t have to be stuck with confusing offers, limiting contracts, pointless network limits and, on top of that, poor customer service. Each new Viking crew creates stronger competition on the market. Even though quality beats quantity. Vikings’ strong community is our biggest advantage.

How to recommend things, without risking your friendship?

Recommending to friends is a big deal. After all, you personally vouch for the quality of the service. Besides, you value your reputation and don’t want to disappoint anyone. Only when you are fully confident in your decision, do you reach out to your friends and share your ideas.

Recommend Mobile Vikings to your friends if you feel at home with us. They will thank you later. If they join the Mobile Vikings Tell a Friend Programme, they will have the opportunity to see that things can be different. And if they like it, they will stick around.

What are the rules for sharing accumulated GB with Vikings?

As a Captain, you have more privileges! Do you have 1 Viking in your crew? Share up to 20 GB with them (or any chosen Vikings) in 5 GB packages.

If you have 2 or more Vikings, then you can share up to 50 GB with them or anyone you want, also in 5 GB packages. You're in control, deciding whether one Viking gets the free GB or you give many.

Once a month, the Viking Council - during offer renewal - checks how many active crew members you have, those who also renewed their offers. Based on this, they decide the maximum number of GB you can share with Vikings.

How to share gigabytes? It's a breeze! Open the Viking App. Choose Viking's Deck. There you have the option "Share gigabytes with anyone in the network." Choose from the list who you want to give, and you're done.

What is an alternative social carrier?

At Mobile Vikings, we always go against the grain! And this means you get loads more than just free calls between operators. Because being the cheapest operator is not enough to gain trust. Can your operator be like your best buddy? Turns out, it can.

First, you join Mobile Vikings, with no complications, no hurry and no stress. That is, with no contracts, no loopholes and no tedious paperwork. Leave all of that to us. There isn’t that much of it anyway. Get to know us and out good energy. Those are not just some empty words.

Will you get extra minutes for all calls free of charge?

You sure will! We are aware that this argument is no longer enough to convince anyone. Only few stand out in the telecom sector. The ‘cheapest operator on the market’ label also sounds fake. Luckily for you, we the Vikings can do more!

Free call to all operators? Opt for better bonuses. We create up-to-date mobile plans. For example, your GB can accumulate. What happens then? You can pass them on to friends, exchange them in the Viking Store for gadgets and clothing, or donate them to charity. Together we can do good! Free calls to all carriers are just one of the many benefits the Mobile Viking customers can enjoy.

What can you use the mobile Viking App for?

To make life easier, the Viking App becomes your control hub. Quickly, straightforwardly and without getting out of your home you can manage your payments, order a new phone number or a plan, see what’s new and supervise your Mobile Vikings Tell a Friend Programme crew. We won’t send you any notifications, emails, text and we won’t call you. A nice change?

A network of people, not numbers - what exactly?

The Mobile Vikings network is an independent carrier and an alternative to the corporate networks dubbed the Big Four. If you want to be seen as a person, not just a number, with Mobile Vikings you will feel the difference.

As a social carrier we make sure our users’ voices are heard. GB sharing is, for example, a feature requested by our customers. Together we set up new sales campaigns, create merch items for our Store, update existing plans and many more. Everything for our crew!

We show our gratitude in unconventional ways too. We have organised our own musical festival FALA: for free, created with our Vikings in mind. We called our Vikings to check on them during the Covid lockdowns. During the finals period, we reached out to students. We really care about you. Not only about your payment status.

Perfekt Help Desk - how does it work?

Perfekt Help Desk is no ordinary call centre, customer service nor (thank Odin!) chat bot. We genuinely want to be of help. We also like to brighten your mood.

Did you know that some Vikings call us simply to chat a bit? All because we have always showed our interest in them.

We don’t beat around the bush and don’t follow any prepared scripts. Your call will never be answered by a soulless bot whom you can’t talk to. There will always be a real person on the other side.

We are not perfect, but we know how to communicate with honesty and respect. And how annoying normal customer service lines can be. But also, how big the strain put on the customer service workers is. We really do enjoy talking with our users. Every single Viking is at a premium!