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Viking zadowolony posiadaniem karty eSIM w Mobile Vikings


Embrace the future and uncover the advantages of eSIM for all Vikings. Free of charge across every plan.
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the digital version of your SIM card

Connect to the network virtually, without the need for a physical SIM card.
up to 80
compatible device models

Our eSIM relies on the PLAY network infrastructure with coverage from 11,000 transmission stations.
bots and trips to the stores

Switch from a physical SIM to an eSIM easily online.
Viking trzymający przy sercu telefon najważniejsze jest to czego nie widać
What was once unimaginable in the past is now an indispensable part of our present, and we can't envision a future without it. #SMART is no joke!

What you can't see
matters most

eSIM is a virtual SIM card, a miniature powerhouse. It securely stores data in compatible devices. Together with the capability for online identity verification, the eSIM card offers a completely digital boarding pass onto the Mobile Vikings ship. You don't have to leave your home or wait for a courier. Just a few clicks and you become a Viking!

What do you gain from activating eSIM?

ViQueen myśląca nad zyskami aktywacji eSIM w telefonie
Viking pokazujący znak ok z telefonem w drugiej dłoni karta eSIM

A smart solution for you

You can easily install eSIM on approximately 70 device models from 7 leading manufacturers. Is yours among them?
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Ensure your device is eSIM-compatible.
Yes? Order eSIM online: click the button below to ORDER eSIM and enter your details (email and phone number associated with the SIM card, first and last name of the account owner, PESEL number and identity document number).
Activate eSIM within 72 hours. Scan the QR code or enter your details manually. Follow the simple instructions.
And you're all set... sailing under the eSIM flag. Destination: true freedom!

Check if your device definitely supports eSIM.
It does? Well, that's Viking! Order any offer and confirm your identity (via mObywatel or online banking).
Scan the QR code or enter the details manually and activate eSIM following simple instructions.
And you're all set... sailing under the eSIM flag. Destination: true freedom!
Helpful employee of Mobile Vikings

Have questions?

Contact our Help Desk and chat with a Viking who knows eSIM like the back of their hand.
Call: +48 732 007 007
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Want to know more?

What is an eSIM card?

It's a virtual SIM card you receive digitally. With it, you can use your mobile network without the need for a physical SIM card.

For whom is the eSIM available at Mobile Vikings?

The eSIM is available for every Viking - regardless of the offer they use. #ForOurOwnEverything.

How can I activate the eSIM card?

Activating an eSIM card is as easy as rowing a boat. You do everything 100% remotely. Just order the card online, confirm your identity (via mObywatel or online banking), and access your Viking Account. There, you'll scan the QR code and activate the eSIM in just a few clicks.

What services can I use with the eSIM card?

With an eSIM card, you can enjoy all the services available for devices with a regular SIM card. You'll feel as comfortable as a fish in water!

What happens to my balance on the old SIM card?

No worries: all your accumulated balances automatically transfer to the eSIM.

On which devices can I use the eSIM card?

Each device model has its own way of checking if it supports eSIM in the settings. For your convenience, you can find a list of eSIM-compatible devices here: link. If your smartphone is on the list, you can confidently prepare to dive into the world of virtual cards.

Can I install the same eSIM card on multiple devices?

One eSIM card can be installed on one device. If you remove it from your device, you'll need to install a new eSIM card.

Can I transfer the eSIM card from one device to another?

eSIM is a secure solution designed for a single device. However, you can easily apply for another eSIM card and install it on a different device. When you install a new card, the old one becomes inactive.

Do I need to sign a contract with Mobile Vikings?

Ahoy, contracts! Long live freedom! No offer in the Mobile Vikings network requires signing a contract. You sail with the Vikings because you want to. The same goes for the eSIM offer, initially available to Subscription users.

Is the exchange and use of the eSIM card free?

Indeed, Viking! For both, you pay... a grand total of 0 Polish zlotys. This applies to switching from a SIM card to an eSIM once a year. Need more eSIM cards? You can order additional ones at any time for an additional fee.