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oferta na kartę Mobile Vikings oferta na kartę Mobile Vikings


Use as you choose

What you need, when you need it. In the classic prepaid offer, you choose, divide and rule.

Without contracts and formalities

Change the offer as you like

You order online

Free SIM card delivery at your door steps

Play network coverage

Excellent quality with VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling and HD voice features

Full no-limit

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS
Dive into the sea of benefits
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Is this pay-as-you-go and internet offer for you?

With the pay-as-you-go offer from Mobile Vikings you have unlimited calls and messages to all numbers and an Internet package that you adjust to your own needs. The service restarts after topping-up your account. Plus, no commitments, as is typical with prepaid cards. You have control over your phone and its associated expenses.

You can easily change your internet packages. Need more GB? Switch to the 25 or 50 plans. Too much? Go back to a package with fewer GB. You're the captain of your ship!

One more pretty convenient thing: when you link your card to your account, the offer pays for itself. And for the grand finale... the accumulation of gigabytes in the Perfekt MATCH and Ekstra MATCH plans.

GB accumulation in the pay-as-you-go offer

The end of the month is approaching, and you still have unused GB? No worries, in the Perfekt MATCH and Ekstra MATCH plans, nothing goes to waste! The Viking prefers to accumulate instead of wasting. That's why gigabytes roll over to the next month.

Use GB to your heart's content, share with other Vikings, or exchange them for artifacts from the Viking Store or support the Charity Lifeboats initiative. You have plenty of options!

With the pay-as-you-go offer with the internet, you can accumulate up to 931 cumulative GB in total. An important note: regularly renew your plan or set it and forget it by enabling automatic payments. It's a guarantee to keep those gigabytes, sealed with Thor's hammer 😉