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Roaming UE

To whom is the EU roaming, as a part of the idea of Roam Like at Home, addressed?

The idea of Rome Like at Home applies in the case of short-term trips within the Euro Zone. As the operator we apply proper mechanisms, which purpose is to prevent malpractice, among which are:

  • use of services in roaming for other purposes than periodic travels

  • a long period of a specific SIM card's inactivity in Poland used mainly, if not exclusively in roaming

  • the use, by turns, of many SIM cards by that same Subscriber as a part of roaming

  • organized resale of SIM cards in favour of persons not residing within the territory of Poland.

In the event of the detection of malpractice, in accordance with the Fair Use Policy (under the table 13), there may be additional fees added to the basic prices, as follow:

  • outgoing calls - 0,16 PLN/minute

  • incoming call - 0,04 PLN/minute

  • SMS - 0,05 PLN

  • MMS - 0,02 PLN

  • data transfer - 02267 per MB.

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