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To whom is the EU roaming? The Fair Usage Policy

The Fair Usage Policy is a set of guidelines that govern the usage of roaming services within the European Union. It ensures fair access to these services for everyone - if you are travel from time to time and stay in Poland on a daily basis you don't need to worry about surcharges to the basic costs of services (which depend on the offer you use).

When surcharges affect?

According to this policy, additional fees may apply in specific situations:

  • Roaming Usage Observation Period: Over a four-month period, if your mobile number frequently connects to EU roaming partners rather than domestic Polish networks, or if your roaming usage exceeds that in Poland, additional fees may be charged. Don't worry, we will notify you via SMS before applying any charges. You'll have a generous two-week grace period to adjust your usage patterns accordingly. If the balance of usage doesn't change during this time, the surcharges will be activated until the balance is adjusted.

  • Multiple SIM card Usage: If you use your SIM cards sequentially while roaming.

  • Resale of SIM Cards: It's essential to use your SIM card responsibly. If we detect that your SIM cards are being resold to individuals living outside of Poland or without permanent connections to the country, it may result in additional charges.

And then, the amount of possible surcharges:

  • outgoing calls - 0,12 PLN/minute

  • incoming call - 0,01 PLN/minute

  • SMS - 0,01 PLN

  • MMS - 0,01 PLN

  • data transfer - 9,20 zł per 1 GB.

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