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Roaming UE

"Cheap Roaming" service

What is "Cheap Roaming"?

"Cheap Roaming" is an additional service designed to lower the cost of your outgoing calls when you are traveling internationally. By enabling this service on your phone, you can reduce your roaming expenses. Depending on your phone model, you can activate it through the settings in either the "Mobile Vikings" menu or the "SIM applications / on the SIM card" menu. To disable the service, simply go to the same location.

Can't find the "Mobile Vikings" menu?

If you cannot locate the "Mobile Vikings" menu on your phone, please refer to your phone's manual and look for the "sim application toolkit" option. This should guide you to the right location for activating the "Cheap Roaming" service.

How do I activate "Cheap Roaming"?

To activate "Cheap Roaming," follow these simple steps:

a. Access your phone settings as described above

b. Enter the correct phone number you want to call - be sure to add “+” or “00” before the number and international dialing code of the country you are calling (for example, Polish number: “+48” / “0048”) and confirm the call connection

c. Then, you can see the approved connection, the system will call you back a moment later. Accept this call and wait for your interlocutor to answer the call

d. It’s ready, you can talk! The connection fee will be charged from the moment when your interlocutor answers the call.

What does "Cheap Roaming" cover?

"Cheap Roaming" reduces the costs of calls made outside the European Union. However, it is worth noting that sometimes its activation may also be required for calls made within the EU to ensure proper service usage. This may depend on the arrangements between operators.

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