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What do I have to do when I receive my SIM card? How do I activate my SIM card?

Regardless of wheter you decided to transfer your current number to us or you prefer to start the journey with a new number - we know that you got a SIM card when you confirm it on your Viking account - you can do it on Viking App or www. You only need to enter four last digits from your SIM card.

If you are transferring a number and you confirm that SIM card arrived, we still need to wait for the porting day. You can check the date on your account.

And if we are talking about a new number, it is possible to mark a SIM card as received as soon as your number is registered - we can do it after your meeting with a courier, usually you receive information about registration within a few days from the courier's visit. The number is active within 24 hours after you mark your SIM card as received. If you order the next number, it's registered automatically, based on checked personal data on your account.

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