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What is Subscription? How does this offer work?

Subscription offer is an offer that refreshes periodically, based on your payment card, from which we regularly (every 31 days) charge a top-up fee.

As part of the Subscription you receive:

  • unlimited calls to mobile and landline numbers in Poland and when you are roaming in the Eurozone

  • unlimited text messages, multimedia messages in Poland and unlimited text messages when roaming in the Eurozone

  • Internet package for use in Poland (the size of the data package depends on the selected offer variant: Subscription 60 is 60 GB domestically and Subscription 80 is 80 GB in Poland), this package also includes the GB limit available for roaming in the Eurozone, which is refreshed monthly.

If you need funds for additional paid services not included in the offer, choose a top-up of any amount (PLN 5 - 300), which is credited to your additional services balance – extra expenses (e.g. premium rate text messages or a call abroad) are charged from this balance.

The validity of your number in the Subscription, is 183 days from the last top-up with the offer, and the funds from topping up the balance of additional services with any amount remains valid as long as your number is valid.

GB accumulation

Unused internet package in Poland is cumulative as long as you maintain the continuity of your offer renewal – i.e. if you renew your Subscription every month, you can also freely use the GB you have left over from previous months.

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