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How to order a SIM card for number transfer? I would like to transfer my number from another operator. What should I do? How does the process look like?

Number transfer is easy :) All you need to do is order a SIM card and fill in the registration form. Please be aware that the data given by you in during registration should be exactly the same as in your current provider.

In case of a prepaid number, please double check if your number is registered with your provider.

Information needed for your individual number transfer:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • PESEL number
  • Name of current provider
  • MSISDN - current phone number
  • ID number (ID card or Passport)

Postpaid complex: business contract (via company)

  • Company name
  • NIP number
  • REGON number
  • KRS number
  • Current operator

Once you've filled in the necessary fields, you get to choose a porting date. There are three options:

  • On a specific date: you choose a specific date (a cancellation fee is possible);
  • At the end of the term of notice: donor operator chooses a date (a cancellation fee is possible);
  • At the end of your contract: donor operator says when contract is over and then the number transfer can be done (no cancellation fee).

After having completed the procedure, you’ll get an email saying that you have to validate your email address. The last step is to pay the first top-up. This amount will be converted into calling credit and free bundles once the SIM card is activated. Once the payment is done, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the shipping date, your transfer date and other info.

What to do next?

We will send the SIM card by mail. With the SIM you'll receive documents and an envelope. You need to sign the documents and send them back so we can start the number transfer. Once we've received them, we send them to your current operator to request the number transfer. At that moment, we have to wait his response. When everything is OK, you just have to wait the date of transfer and then you are a Mobile Viking! We will send you a reminder one day before this date.

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