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How to transfer my number to Mobile Vikings?

Number transfer can't be easier. Just order a SIM card and fill out information regarding your current operator. We will take care for the rest of the process.

Information needed for your individual number transfer:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • PESEL number
  • Name of current provider
  • MSISDN - current phone number
  • Information needed for business number transfer:

    • Company name
    • NIP number
    • REGON number
    • KRS number
    • Current operator
    • MSISDN
    • Representative Name

    You will also have to set up date for transfer. There are three options:

    • On a specific date: good for prepaid, you choose exact day when you want to change the network (a cancellation fee is possible if you have a contract);
    • At the end of the term of notice: good for postpaid if contract promotion period is over, donor operator chooses a date (a cancellation fee is possible if your contract is still in progress);
    • At the end of your contract: good for postpaid if your contract is in progress, donor operator says when contract is over and then the number transfer can be done (no cancellation fee).

    Payment for the order will be fully used for the first top-up, so you don't pay a penny for the number transfer.

    Information about your porting will be delivered by the way you choose in the registration form.

    What to do next?

    We will send the SIM card with the courier. In the meantime, we send information to your current operator requesting number porting. At that moment, we have to wait for his response. You will be informed about the proccess via Viking App, SMS or e-mail (you can choose the best way of notify for you). When SIM card is arrived, you need to confrim it on your Viking Account - you need four last digits from the SIM card. Is transfer date confirmed and SIM card received? We are counting the days until you will be a proud Viking!

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