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What are the rules for sharing accumulated GB with Vikings?

As a Captain, you have more privileges! Do you have 1 Viking in your crew? Share up to 20 GB with them (or any chosen Vikings) in 5 GB packages.

If you have 2 or more Vikings, then you can share up to 50 GB with them or anyone you want, also in 5 GB packages. You're in control, deciding whether one Viking gets the free GB or you give many.

Once a month, the Viking Council - during offer renewal - checks how many active crew members you have, those who also renewed their offers. Based on this, they decide the maximum number of GB you can share with Vikings.

How to share gigabytes? It's a breeze! Open the Viking App. Choose Viking's Deck. There you have the option "Share gigabytes with anyone in the network." Choose from the list who you want to give, and you're done.

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