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SIM card swap

I have a standard SIM card but now I need a micro or nano SIM card. How can I order this?

All our standard SIM cards are micro SIM compatible. This means that the micro SIM card is in a standard SIM card. You can easily push out the micro SIM whenever you need it. Be careful! It's not possible to put it back in.

We can exchange your current SIM card for a nano SIM card and vice versa. Just write us an email on along with your request and we will send you a proper SIM card.

For this switch, we ask a payment of 19 zł that we will deduct from your calling credit. Make sure you have enough credit left on your SIM card when you request a micro compatible or nano SIM card. As soon as you receive the new SIM card, you will need to activate it on your account. You only need to enter four last digits from your new SIM card. New SIM card will be active within 24 hours from the moment you mark it as received. During this time, an old SIM card is still active.

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