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What is voLTE and how to use it?

VoLTE is a service allowing to make voice calls using the LTE technology - so far it was possible to use LTE for data transmission only.

Thanks to voLTE the voice calls will be made quicker and the quality of such connection will be better than with the use of 2G or 3G. While using voLTE to make a call, you will see the LTE logo on your screen (exception - the logo will not be visible when you turned off the mobile data transmission).

To use voLTE, you need to be within the reach of LTE Play (the service does not work with domestic and international roaming) and use the device supporting the service within Play’s infrastructure.

Here are some tips how to turn voLTE on:

- for the device with Android:

  1. Tap Phone > Keypad tab

  2. Tap More options > Settings

  3. Tap Call > Voice over LTE settings

  4. Tap Use VoLTE when available or Do not use VoLTE.

- for the device with iOS

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap Cellular

  3. Tap Cellular Data Options

  4. Turn on VoLTE.

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