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Does a list of short codes (USSD) exist?

Yes, it does exist and here it is:

  • My number - *121#
  • Call me - *120#
  • Single number hide - - #31#_choosen number_
  • Turn off voice mail - #002#
  • Turn on blockade for incoming calls from unknown numbers - *222*114*1#
  • Turn off blockade for incoming calls from unknown numbers - *222*114*2#

Call Forwarding gives you the ability to redirect an incoming call to an indicated number or voicemail. Diverting calls to voicemail is free, for others you pay like for a call from Mobile Vikings to another operator. Redirection can be set for all incoming calls, as well as conditionally : for incoming calls when the phone subscriber is busy, does not answer, is switched off or is out of range. You can activate, deactivate, or change the settings by entering the USSD code or calling options on the menu of your phone.

Forwarding USSD codes:

Unconditional :

  • activation: *21*number#
  • Deactivation: #21#

when busy:

  • activation: *67*number#
  • Deactivation: #67#

when no response:

  • activation: *61*number#
  • Deactivation: #61#

when unreachable:

  • activation: *62*number#
  • Deactivation: #62#

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