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How does roaming work under a subscription offer?

Under the subscription offer, you get unlimited calls, text messages free of charge and once a month a GB limit depending on your variant choice to use within the Eurozone countries (under Subscription 60: a maximum of 7,61 GB, and under Subscription 80: a maximum of 9.79 GB). This means that, while abroad, you can call and write to other countries in the EU or locally without incurring any additional costs.

Using internet within the package available in the European Union reduces your GB limit in Poland.

Some examples to better illustrate how the services work:

  • I am in Poland and I want to contact a person who has a foreign number

    If you are calling a foreign number, it is an international call and you pay according to the prices that are available in the price list of the Subscription offer. In order to make such calls, you must have credit on your Additional Services balance.

  • I am in Poland and I want to contact a person who has a Polish number but is abroad.

    If you want to contact another domestic number located abroad and using roaming, you incur no costs.

  • I am abroad and I want to contact a number from another Eurozone country

    If you are in one of the countries in the Eurozone and make calls or send texts to people in other Eurozone countries you do not incur any additional charges.

  • I have used up my full GB roaming limit

    If you have used up your entire GB limit while roaming, you have the option of topping up your balance with additional services, which allows you to use data traffic according to the price list for additional services.

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