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Will I be charged extra when abroad and using EU roaming?

As part of the subscription offer, when roaming in the EU, your calls, text messages, multimedia messages to Poland and locally, are billed in the same way as in Poland to other networks.

Remember! If you stay in the European Union for more than 4 months and actively use your number there, then in accordance with the Fair Use Policy, we may add additional charges for those services you use more frequently during this period than in Poland.

Before additional charges are applied we will send you a text message informing you of possible additional charges.

After receiving the message you have 2 weeks to change the balance of service usage. If your consumption still remains higher in the European Union than in Poland, the following surcharges will appear (depending on the service):

  • PLN 0.12 per minute for outgoing calls

  • PLN 0.01 per minute for a received call

  • PLN 0.01 per a text message

  • PLN 0.01 per a multimedia message

  • PLN 9.20 per GB.

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