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I have a Match/Standard offer and want to use my Subscription. How do I do this?

If you already have an active number in our network and you would like to switch to a Subscription using that number, just log in to your account on www, choose: "Top up SIM" -> "Activate Subscription". You have an option to activate Subscrpition as fast as possible or wait till the end of current top up offer. Any unused GB from your existing offer carries over and also accumulates within the Subscription.

What's more, if you are currently using the Trial Cruise and you still have promotional top-ups available, the promotion also continues to apply when you switch to Subscription (i.e. regardless of the offer, you get your first 3 top-ups in our network for half the price).

Important information:

  • The subscription offer requires a payment card to be connected, so if you do not already have a card connected to your Viking Account (you do not use auto top-up), the first and necessary step is to add a card: either through the Viking App or from your account on the website - tab "Viking Payments"

  • In addition to verifying that you currently have a connected payment card, our Help Desk will also send you the terms and conditions to accept.

When you change your offer, there is an immediate charge for your Subscription, so we encourage you to request a changeover at the end of your current offer.

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