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Roaming UE

EU roaming fees

For the services realized within the Euro Zone, the users will be charged for:

  • outgoing calls - 0,12 PLN/minute

  • incoming calls - free

  • SMS - 0,02 PLN

  • MMS - 0,01 PLN

  • data transfer - 8,94 PLN/GB.

The idea of Roam Like at Home applies in the case of short-term trips within the Euro Zone and fair use of the services. In the event of the detection of misuse, in accordance with the Fair Use Policy (under the table 13), there may be additional fees added to the basic prices and the final prices, in such a case, are as follow:

  • outgoing calls - 0,12 PLN/minute

  • incoming call - 0,01 PLN/minute

  • SMS - 0,01 PLN

  • MMS - 0,01PLN.

  • data transfer - 9,20 zł per 1 GB.

To use the services above you need to have money on your Additional Services Balance. You can add them manually, or by turning on the Auto Refill that will automatically add funds when they fall below the set limit.

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