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How do I request a SIM card with a new phone number?

If you wish to order a SIM card go to "Become a Viking", choose whether it should include a new number or number transfer. Next to choose is the amount of top-up that will be activated along with your SIM card. Fill in the registration form and pay for your order.

In the meantime you will receive an activation email and an information about your order finalization.

The SIM card will be sent to the indicated address within one workday. You can expect the parcel to be delivered within 5 workdays for regular mail, 2 workdays – if you choose priority mail or 1 workday for delivery via courier. If you chose delivery via courier, please prepare your ID document – basing on it, the courier will fill out the data registration statement, thanks to which your number will be listed as registered as soon as it is returned to our office.

In connection to the fact that, the card can only be activated after the registration of the owner’s data, if you did not choose delivery via courier, a visit in a Play store/outlet will be necessary. When you visit a Play store/outlet, please take with you:

  • your phone number

  • your ID document

  • your sim card/PUK number.

If you have your SIM card with you, you will need the last 4 digits of its serial number (below the barcode), for the registration. You can find the PUK code at your account in the „My cards” > „SIM Details” > „SIM Info” tab. If you already own a Viking SIM card and you would like to order another, all you need to do is login to your account and press the „Order new SIM card” button in the „My cards” tab. Please remember that, if your data have already been confirmed via courier or by visiting a Play store/outlet, every next order will be carried out basing on the data in the digital profile and you won’t need to register them again.

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