Are there any extra packages I can buy within the MATCH offer?

Sure they are! If you are using MATCH you can get:

  • Domestic data package:

    5 GB for 10 zł for 31 days

    You can buy domestic data packages through Viking account and Viking App, paying Visa/Mastercard, Dotpay or using Viking Points. You can also use your credit directly with the fare of 0,01 zł per 1 MB.

  • EU roaming data package:

    1 GB for 16 zł for 30 days

    2 GB for 32 zł for 30 days

    You can pay for the roaming data packages through Viking App using Visa/Mastercard debit card, Dotpay or your Viking Points. Without the package you will surf the EU internet waves for 0,016 zł per 1 MB.

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