Perfect Match

  • 25 GB with free data accumulation,
  • unlimited calls, texts and MMS,
  • Автопоповнення,
  • pre-paid offer, no contracts.

What are the advantages of
Perfect Match?

  • Автопоповнення

    Allows you to make monthly payments in a simple way. All you have to do is put your payment card details to your user’s account and the top-up will execute automatically on the last day of the offer's validity.

  • Data accumulation

    Have a lot of unused GB at the end of the month? Thanks to accumulation, they jump to the next month. And so endlessly, and the only thing you need to remember is to keep your account topped up.


    So without limits, because you have unlimited calls and SMSes to all networks in the country, incl. landline and mobile numbers, for 31 days. The service renews after recharging the account.

Still want more?

  • End of transfer?

    You managed to use the whole GB package available in the offer? First of all - respect! Secondly - no worries. If you need more, you can buy a 5GB package for 10 PLN only. You will find it in the application or in the user's account.

  • Роумінг

    To be able to use EU roaming services, you must have free cash on your’s number account. And if you want to use the internet abroad, the best choice will be buying a roaming package of data. You'll find it in the app or on your user’s account. And if you are not interested in packages, you can find current roaming rates here.

  • Additional services

    We make sure that you don't bear any unwanted costs. You pay for all Premium services (contacts with hotlines, charity or competition texts, etc.) with additional cash on your’s number account. We automatically put a limit of PLN 35 per month to these services. If you want, we can impose a total block or raise the limit.

Перенос номеру

  • Fill the registration form

    Fill the registration form on our website or in mobile app.

  • Wait for the courier

    Courier will bring SIM card and documents at the address you specified.

  • And that's it!

    All other formalities are on us! Freedom is just around the corner!

Lower your bills
to zero

  • Стати вікінгом

    Join us - transfer a number from another Operator or buy a new one. You can do it via website (at any time), chat (Monday - Friday 8.30 AM - 8.30 PM), or by phone by contacting our Help Desk at 732 007 007.

  • Invite your friends

    You can easily do this by generating a referral code in the application that your friend will use when placing an order. A friend prefers to place an order by phone? All he has to do is make a reference to your phone number and we will assign it to your account.

  • Отримай

    Each invited Viking makes your bill decrease by 10% (as long as the invited person tops up the account for a minimum of 25 PLN per month). Once you have 5 crew members, you are sailing totally #forfree! To use this option, enable Auto top-up.