Number transfer

Check out how easy it is to port your phone number

Step 1

Apply online

Prepare your ID and fill the number transfer form. Your personal details have to be the same as in your current provider

  • If you are on contract pick "Contract" in "Your current contract" section. Check the "Date of transfer" In case your contract ended and changed to indefinite period of time, pick "transfer with the term of notice" option. If your contract is still valid, pick "at the end of contract" option.

    Remember you can apply for transfer to Mobile Vikings up to 120 days before your contract ends.

    We can't sit straight of excitement you will join our crew

  • If you are a pre-paid user you can just transfer your number anytime - easy peasy. Pick "the quickest possible term" option in the transfer form.

    We can't sit straight of excitement you will join our crew

Fill up the form

Step 2

Sign the form

We will deliver filled form, current provider statement and power of attorney for free using DPD courier.

In the package you will also find multiSIM card (3in1) that fits all models of phones. The card will be connected with your number once you become a Viking.

Remember that beside your good attitude, you will need an ID (Polish ID, Passport or Permanent Residency). Show your ID to the courier and sign the form. Courier will verify if the details on the form are the same as on your ID and deliver the documents to us.

After we receive your documents, we will send the required proposal to you current provider. Right after the transfer confirmation we will inform you about the date and current state of the process. You can check them on your Viking Account. Also we will send you an e-mail.

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Step 3

Welcome aboard

We will remind you to switch the SIM card in your phone one day before planned number transfer.

Now you are proud, real Viking! You will also get extra 10 GB valid for 31 days.

If you have any doubts, remember that we would love to talk about it. Vikings are well known to be helpful. You don't believe? Try! Wa love to talk :) #EverythingForOurOwn

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Learn more about

number transfer

  • Transfering the number is really easy :) All you need to do is to order the SIM card with number transfer option and fill the form on our website. Remember that your personal details have to be the same as with your current provider.

    Details required to transfer number registered for an individual:

    • First name
    • Surname
    • ID Number (e.g. Passport, Polish ID or Residence Permit)
    • Current provider name
    • MSISDN - current phone number

    Details required to transfer number registered for a company:

    • Company name
    • NIP
    • REGON
    • KRS (National Court Register) Number
    • Current provider name
    • MSISDN - current phone number

    The next step is to pick the transfer date. You can choose any time if you are pre-paid user. In case you have a contract with your current provider you can choose one of three options.

    • exact date - if you pick the date before your notice period, you might need to pay a fee
    • at the end of term of notice - your current provider will choose the date. If the contract is still valid, you might need to pay a fee
    • at the end of contract - your curent provider will choose the date at the end of the contract or at the beginning of new settlement period. You should choose this option if your contract has not ended yet and you don't want to pay a fee.

    The last step is to top-up your account for the first time, which you would use from the day of number activation.

    The SIM card as well as the documents have been sent to you by courier who will have to verify your identity. Prepare your ID because it is necessary to complete this process. We need you to sign the number transfer documents and confirmation of identity statement. After receiving them, we will be able to start the transfer process for your number. We will send the required proposal to your present operator. Depending on the transfer procedure it will confirm the transfer or determine the date of it. In most cases everything you will have to do is wait about a day and check the messages from us. We will inform you about every step of the process through e-mail or SMS.

  • While transferring your phone number you need to remember to:

    • fill the transfer form with the data you've registered your number in your current provider. If the number is not registered, you need to contact your current operator to verify your identity.
    • number you wish to transfer has to be active in Poland. If the period of validity ends, it is worth to extend it using the method provided by your operator
    • if you want to transfer, while still on contract, you need to know that you might be charged cancellation fee by your current operator. If you want to avoid it, pick the "when contract is over" option
    • if you choose "when contract is over" option, the porting proposal can be sent to current provider not earlier than 120 days before the contracts end, otherwise it will be declined.
  • Along with the SIM card you will receive few documents to sign

    If you wish to transfer your number only three pages are required.

    • Transfer number form.
    • Power of attorney with termination of the contract proposal.
    • Statement

    If you have a contract you can either let us do all the work or you can terminate it yourself. If you want to do it by yourself, contact your current provider. Otherwise send us:

    • Transfer number form.
    • Power of attorney with termination of the contract proposal.
    • Statement

    If you want to terminate the contract by yourself, we will need:

    • Transfer number form.
    • Statement

    Also if the number is registered to the company we will need a copy of your NIP, REGON and KRS (if applicable) number certificates.

    The documents need to be signed and given back to the courier.

  • Of course. It's possible even if your recent provider already accepted the transfer. You need to contact us or your current provider at least 24 hours before the transfer date. After that terminating the process won't be possible.