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How to top-up

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Are you a Viking already?
Earn free top-ups in three easy steps:
I. Invite your friend to Mobile Vikings

Log in your Viking account to invite friends and earn free top-ups.

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II. Earn free top-ups

If your friend accepts your invitation and becomes a Viking, you will receive 19 Viking Points. In order for it to happen, your friend needs to activate a SIM card with a top-up of minimum 19zł. Viking Points can be exchanged for top-ups.

III. Reward your friend

Your friend will also earn 19 Viking Points, just after his/her third top-up of a minimum of 19zł each.

Not a Viking yet?
Explore the undefeated prepaid offer as well as all the Viking benefits and join us today!
I. Search for Vikings among your friends

If you come on board from a Viking recommendation, you both gain benefits. Remember, together means more!

II. Become a Viking

Hurray, you've found someone from the Mobile Vikings community! In order to reward your friend, you need to fill in his/her email/phone number during registration. You both gain, your friend after your SIM card activation and you after your third top-up of a minimum 19zł each.

Become a Viking
III. Invite your friends

No friends in Mobile Vikings yet? Time to change that. You can gain a lot, and earn free top-ups for you and your friends. If a friend becomes a Viking after your recommendation, you will receive 19 Viking Points. The only condition is that he/she buys a top-up of minimum 19zł. Go for it!

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