Voice tariff

How long will my top-up be valid?

The credit is valid for 365 days as long as you don't use it (from the day of the last top up for 10 zł or more). After this period your simcard will allow to recieve calls for 30 more days (outgoing calls will be blocked). Your free bundle of data and text messages you receive after each top-up, is valid for 31 days (14 days in case of the 10 zł tariff). The validity date is determined by the day of the receipt of your top-up. Your bundle expires after 31/14 days, at midnight. An example: if you top up at 10 pm, the first day is until midnight and 31/14 days later, your bundle will expire at midnight.

In case of the data-only simcard the data package is valid between 14 days and even 2 months, depending on the top-up you make

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