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Chill ON offer

How much costs and how can I pay for subscription?

Monthly cost of Chill ON subscription is 25 zł. Your debit card will be charged up front every 31 days automatically.

What extra packages can I purchase within Chill ON?

In Chill ON offer you get 20 GB of the data. If you will be able to use the whole data package within the subscription period and want to get extra data package, you can choose from 1 GB and 2 GB. Packages will be valid until the end of subscription period and you can pay for them with Visa/Mastercard debit card of with available Viking Points. After using the data package you can also use your credit directly from the wallet. In this case you will pay 0,01 zł per 1 MB. Intelligent wallet makes credit management easier.

When can I turn the subscription off?

Subscription is a key part of Chill ON offer. You can turn it on anytime you want and your number will stay active for 90 days from the end of the last subscription validity period. During this time you can use the wallet and pay with saved credit. You can also come back to the Chill ON zone. If you neglect it, your number will be deactivated unless you’ll change the operator. Don’t do that to us!

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