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What are Viking Points and how do I earn them?

As a Mobile Viking, you earn Viking Points for recommending us to your friends. When a friend enters your number or email address during his/her Viking registration, 19 Viking Points will be added to your account. You can trade in these points for free top-ups.

If a friend enters your number during the registration the points will not be activated on your account right away. First you'll see that they are 'in queue'. This is because we are waiting for your friend to activate his/her account and to do his/her first top-up of a minimum of 19 zł.. Once this is done the Viking Points will be activated on your account and at that moment you'll be able to do a top-up.

Viking Points are valid for one year after you received them.

1 Viking Point correspond to 1zł of calling credit. This means: if you’ve collected 19 Viking Points (= one friend referred), you can exchange them for a top-up of 19 zł.

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