I have a Blackberry and I want to configure the Internet. How can I do this?

Mobile Vikings doesn’t have its own BIS server. On that account, you can't use the Blackberry applications. But you can use Internet on your Blackberry by installing Opera Mini (via USB or Wifi). The steps below will guide you through the Internet settings.

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Select 'Options'.
  3. Go to 'advanced options'.
  4. Select 'TCP/IP'.
  5. Activate the APN settings and verification.
  6. Enter the APN settings: APN = INTERNET username = empty; password = empty.
  7. Open Opera Mini (or first, install it via your computer www.opera.com/mobile/ or via your phone m.opera.com)

When installing Opera Mini, you will be asked to give authorizations. Approve them all to be able to use the browser.

Don't forget to activate your data connection at 'Connection manager' afterwards.

After following all these steps, we advise you to turn your phone off and on again by removing your battery. If you don't remove your battery, your phone will go into hibernate mode.

Warning: in the newer versions of Blackberry-OS, you'll need to follow other steps in order to find TCP/IP: Options > Phone > Advanced Options > TCP/IP.

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