Number registration

I want to transfer my number to Mobile Vikings. Do I need to register my number again?

The counter-terrorism act requires us to verify the data of all our users. If you are transferring your current number to Mobile Vikings, the SIM card together with the documents, shall be sent to you via courier, who will confirm your data with a proper statement.

While waiting for the courier, please prepare your ID card, because it is necessary to verify your data. As for the number porting documents, you will be able to sign them in the presence of the courier, who will then forward them to us, together with the data verification statement.

Please remember that, for the number to be successfully transferred to Mobile Vikings, the data in the porting request needs to match the data registered with your current operator.

If there already is a confirmed digital profile, on your account, the shipment will be done via priority mail, as we won’t need to verify your data once more.

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