Number registration

Why do I have to register my number?

Pursuant to the notations of article 43 of the counter-terrorist operations act from 10th June 2016: "The Subscriber, excluding the subscriber using the publically available telephone services provided with the use of a public phone booth or by choosing an access number from the provider's network and the subscriber of pre-paid services consisting of disseminating or distributing television programs through broadcast via ground, cable or satellite, gives the provider the following information:

  1. when the subscriber is a natural person: a) first and last name b) PESEL number (if he/she has one) or the name, series and number of the document confirming the subscriber's indentity, and in case of foreigner, who isn't a citizen of a member country or the Swiss Confederation - number of the passport or the residence card

  2. when the subscriber is not a natural person: a) company name, b) REGON or NIP identification number, National Court Register or register of business activity number or a number from any other proper register"

The counter-terrorism act was introduced on 2nd July 2016, on the other hand the regulations concerning telecommunications networks – on 25th July 2016.

Based on art. 60 of this act, users of prepaid services, who owned such a SIM card before the act entered into force, were obliged to register of the aforementioned data to 1st February 2017. In case of persons who failed to register on time, telecommunications services were blocked on 2nd February 2017. It is possible to register your number, at Mobile Vikings, after this date and remove the block, by the end of the validity period of calling credit (up to 365 days from the last top-up) at the latest.

Individuals who purchased a SIM card after 25th of July 2016, are obliged to register it before the activation of the card.

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