Free Top-ups promotion

How does “Free top-ups” promotion work?

Free top-ups’ promotion allows to gain free top-ups in reward for promoting Mobile Vikings to your family and friends. The bonus for taking part in the promotion are Viking Points. Two people take part in the promotion: the Promoter* and the New User**. The Recommendation*** works as follows:

  • the Promoter receives 19 Viking Points as soon as the new User orders and activates a SIM card with a minimum 19 PLN top-up

  • the New User receives 19 Viking Points just after his/her third top-up of minimum 19 PLN each, performed within 6 months from the day of SIM card activation.

Viking Points can be used for any top-up, as a whole or combined with any other payment method.

*Promoter - user of Mobile Vikings, who’s phone number, e-mail address or a special refferal code has been entered during SIM card ordering, performed by a New User. The promoter can only be a Mobile Vikings user that has performed at least one top-up of a minimum of 19PLN on his/her Viking account.

**New User - a person using the reccomendation, which has ordered a new SIM card with or without number transfer and has entered the phone number, e-mail address or refferal code of the Promoter, during registration.

***Recomendation - the proces of SIM card order with a minimum of 19 PLN top-up along with filling in the telephone number, e-mail address or refferal code in the appropriate form.

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