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What is Cheap Roaming and how can I benefit from it?

With Cheap Roaming you can call cheaper when you are abroad. You can call at these rates.

  1. Activate the Cheap Roaming app in the SIM settings on your phone (the location of these settings might vary depending on the device);
  2. Dial the number you'd like to call preceded by (the prefix) 00 or + (+48 or 0048 for Poland);
  3. The call will stop and you will see a confirmation message on your screen;
  4. After a little while the system will call you back. Most often via the number +48790;
  5. Take the call, don't hang up and wait until the other person picks up the phone (this may take a while). From this moment you are calling at the Cheap Roaming rates.

This activation is free and you can switch it off and on again whenever you'd like.

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