What is Otagio and how it works?

What's Otagio? Otagio is a unique web service which allows you to prevent your devices from being stolen and facilitate the way for lost ones to get back to you. What makes it unique? It's socially based so every new device in database increase Otagio efficiency. In Otagio you can register your device (not only electronic one) and mark its status. If you lose a piece of your equipment just mark is using proper status. You can check the history of a new device that you bought second hand. Find the owner of a device if you ever find one and make sure that you have done all that was possible to increase the chance of your device to get back to you. You can find more about Otagio mechanics here: https://otagio.com/how-it-works How much Otagio costs? Now the best part. For Vikings, Otagio is almost free. It's only 1 PLN but not for one but for all of your devices. It's fair and square! How to turn it on? As always it's easy! Just turn this option on your Viking account. It's connected with auto top up. We will charge you with additional 1 PLN for every auto top-up you make and pass it to Otagio, so won't have to worry about it at all. Just add your devices and keep them secured!
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