Auto top up

How do I add or change the credit card that operates the auto top-up?

The credit card, operating the auto top-up, can be added, changed or deleted from the „My account”>”Viking Payments” bookmark. In order to add a credit card, you need to press the „Add a new credit card” button and then proceed according to the tips that are available during the configuration. If you want to change the credit card, delete the currently active one, and press the „Add a new credit card” button. After the new card has been added,, the payments system will block 0,99 zł, this amount will be returned within a couple of days. This happens, because the system verifies if the credit card is active.

The status of the card will be updated within 24 hours from the moment it was added. A properly verified card will be seen as „Active”. We shall inform you about the status change of the card via e-mail – you will receive a message informing that the card has been added correctly or that the card has been rejected – in such a situation there will be able to add the card once more.

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