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25 PLN/month
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Not all GBs have been used? No problem - unused data is transferred to the next month!


Take it easy! Your account will be recharged monthly, and you call without limits and with a large amount of data.

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15 GB + data accumulation


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No contract, no commitment


No Limit

25 PLN/month


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  • Data accumulation

    Not all GBs have been used? No problem - unused data is transferred to the next month!

  • 15 GB + data accumulation
  • Unlimited calls/texts/MMS
  • No contract
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Chill On

25 PLN/month


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  • Subscription

    Take it easy! Your account will be recharged monthly, and you call without limits and with a large amount of data.

  • 20 GB no data accumulation
  • Unlimited calls/texts/MMS
  • No contract
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Frequently asked questions

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  • How do I transfer my number to Mobile Vikings?

    Number transfer can't be easier. Just order a SIM card and fill out information regarding your current operator. We will take care for the rest of the process.

    Information needed for your individual number transfer:

    • * First name
    • * Last name
    • * PESEL number
    • * Name of current provider
    • * MSISDN - current phone number
    • Information needed for business number transfer:

      • * Company name
      • * NIP number
      • * REGON number
      • * KRS number
      • * Current operator
      • * Telephone number
      • * Representative name

      You will also have to set up date for transfer. There are three options:

      • * On a specific date: good for prepaid, you choose exact day when you want to change the network (a cancellation fee is possible if you have a contract);
      • * At the end of the term of notice: good for postpaid if contract promotion period is over, donor operator chooses a date (a cancellation fee is possible if your contract is still in progress);
      • * At the end of your contract: good for postpaid if your contract is in progress, donor operator says when contract is over and then the number transfer can be done (no cancellation fee).

      Payment for the order will be fully used for the first top-up, so you don't pay a penny for the number transfer.

      Information about your porting will be delivered by the way you choose in the registration form.

      What to do next?

      We will send the SIM card with the courier. He will confirm your identity so have your ID while receiving the package. In the meantime, we send information to your current operator requesting number porting. At that moment, we have to wait for his response. If the data you entered in the registration form is correct nothing will stop you to become Mobile Viking!

  • How to get your service #ForFree?

    Well, you invite new people to us and we give you 10% discount for each one of them. When you reach 5 new Vikings in your crew, we will grant your wish and you will have it #ForFree. Forever. All the way.


    • * Each of your crew members needs to top-up for minimum 25zł every 31 days.
    • * You get a discount for as long, as your crew top-ups.
    • * You need to have auto top-up on.
    • * That’s all folks. More details available in Terms and conditions.
  • What is an auto top-up?

    Auto top-up is a method of payment, which enables the realization of cyclical top-ups based on a credit card that has been added to the Viking’s account. In addition to convenience, as a part of the bonus for using the the service in a given month, at the beginning of the next one, a bonus in the form of additional mobile data is added to the account. The size of the bonus depends on the amount of numbers with an active Auto top-up option:

    • * in case of only one SIM card with an active Auto top-up option - a bonus of 1GB mobile data
    • * in case of two cards - a bonus of 2GB for each card
    • * in case of two cards - a bonus of 3GB for each card.

    All you need to do is add your credit card in the „My account” > “Viking payments” bookmark and activate the payment method for the chosen numbers, and the top-up will be done automatically on the last day of the packages validity period from the last top-up (it will be done between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.).

    In case the transaction is unsuccessful, after 4 hours there will be an top-up another attempt. If the second attempt will also be unsuccessful, auto top-up will be disabled. You will be informed via SMS about the unsuccessful top-up attempts.

    Please keep in mind that the activation of this method, without its configuration for the SIM card, will not successfully enable auto top-up. If you have several SIM cards, individual configuration, of auto top-up, is required for each of them.

    When configuring the auto top-up for a specific number it is required to indicate what offer type you want to use, as well as when the first top-up will be done with this method.

    Top-up made with other payment methods will not disable or postpone the date of the auto top-up with a chosen offer.

    If you want to change the offer, that is bound to the auto top-up of your number, you have to disable it and configure it again.

  • My SIM card got lost or stolen. What do I do?

    If your SIM card is stolen or lost, you need to send us an email to (helpdesk@mobilevikings.pl) from the registered email address. In this email please include:

    • * name and surname
    • * telephone number
    • * PESEL number
    • * shipping address

    Please include also what is the reason of SIM change request.

    We will block the current SIM card and send you the new one.

  • Short codes (USSD)

    Short codes will help you to have control over your account. To use them, simply enter the code and call:

    check balance

    *101# credit balance
    *103# SMS/MMS packages balance
    *108# data packages balance


    790200200 configure voicemail
    #002# turn on/off your voicemail
    #31#phone_number hide my phone number
    *121# show my phone number
    *120# "call me" message

    hidden numbers blockade

    *222*114*1# activate
    *222*114*2# deactivate


    Redirecting to your voicemail is free, every other redirection is paid like a normal call to that number. Be aware that activating voicemail when you are abroad generates additional costs depending on the international roaming tariff. If you plan to go abroad you can deactivate this service.


    *21*number# activation
    #21# deactivation

    when busy:

    *67*number# activation
    #67# deactivation

    when not answering:

    *61*number# activation
    #61# deactivation

    when not available:

    *62*number# activation
    #62# deactivation

    connection attempt info

    This service allows you to get an information about unanswered call depending on the situation

    *67*790998725# when busy
    *61*790998725# when not answering
    *62*790998725# when not available

    call on hold info

    Service gives you information about new incoming calls on hold when you are already talking.

    *43# activation
    #43# deactivation
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